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Project Details
  • Site 26A
    Passive Treatment System
    UNT to Sugar Run

    Site 26A is located on Pennsylvania Game Commission property (SGL 198). Originally constructed in 2004 it contains a vertical flow pond, one separate flush pond, two sedimentation basins, and finishing/ manganese removal bed. The seep is run through the system and then discharged into an UNT to Sugar Run. Locals refer to the UNT as Gum Tree Run.

    2007 - a water control structure was placed on the flush pond as well as the Mn removal bed.

    2012 - due to excessive clogging of the original water control structure the system was revamped. the mushroom compost in the vertical flow pond was replaced and amended with limestone dust. approximately 200 tons of limestone near the outlet was cleaned and a new outlet was installed. the outlet is just a piece of PVC pipe set at the desired elevation.

Treatment Technologies
Treatment Technology Quantity of Elements
Flush Pond 2
Manganese Removal Bed 1
Settling Pond 2
Vertical Flow Pond (VFP) 1