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This tutorial provides instructions on how to upload water quality data using a spreadsheet in CSV format.  These instructions assume:

1. Log in. 

2. Find and select the Project  that you wish to upload data. You can either choose your project from your "My Projects" list or find the project through the various search criteria.

3. Click on the "Data" link, a dropdown menu will appear.

4. Click on "Upload CSV Data"

5.  A new web page to Import Water Quality Data will appear.  You must either click on the Browse button to find the data file to be uploaded or you can drag and drop the file from your folder into the Browse box.  Then hit the blue "Submit CSV" button.

6.  A new screen will appear to map.  Here you will need to match up the names of the various water quality data parameter types (ex: pH, alkalinity, iron, etc) contained within your spreadsheet with those used by Datashed.  You will also need to distinguish whether each particular data was measured in the field or the lab. For some parameters you such as pH and alkalinity you might have both a field and a lab measurement, so it is important to tell Datashed which is which.