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Welcome to Datashed

Datashed is a FREE online tool to assist volunteers, students, industry, and government agencies in the operation and maintenance of passive treatment systems.

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About Datashed

Datashed is a collaborative effort of Stream Restoration Incorporated, PA DEP, and others to provide the tools needed to actively monitor and maintain passive treatment systems. No passwords are required to view or download any data on Datashed; however, passwords are required to upload or edit data. You can learn more about Datashed here.

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Datashed Help

Instructions on how to use this website can be found in Get help. This resource also provides organizations tips on maintaining their passive treatment systems. Registered users of Datashed can contribute to writing tutorials, uploading how to videos, etc. in the Community Wiki

Video Tutorials are available at Datashed Tutorials

Datashed News

A new version of Datashed is under development.

Portions of the Datashed website are not currently functioning or available.

Video Tutorials are available at Stream Restoration Inc's YouTube channel

Restoration Tote Board
Positive improvements are being seen in Pennsylvania's streams! About 300 passive treatment systems have been installed throughout the state, reducing the load of pollutants. Below are the sums of these load reductions from systems contained in Datashed. As more systems and data are added, these loadings will be automatically updated.
Water Treated
85,874,941,455 (gal/yr)
Projects Included
17,753,033 (lb/yr)
1,434,046 (lb/yr)
3,054,442 (lb/yr)
23,823,066 (lb/yr)
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