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1. Do I need an account or password to look at the information on Datashed? No. An account and password is not needed to view project related information, documents, or water quality data. The only need to have an account with Datashed is to have the ability to add projects, edit projects, and to upload project related information such as photos, documents, and water quality data.

2. Why does Datashed look so strange? Datashed is best viewed using a screen resolution of 1280 X 960. Other resolution settings can push the block locations to other parts of your screen. In addition, Datashed is best viewed utilizing the more recent versions of web browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. We believe that Firefox is the best browser to use for our site. To change your monitor resolution settings, right click on your desktop screen -> click on properties -> click on settings -> and then change the screen resolution setting. Alternatively, under the Start menu click on Control Pannel -> Display -> Settings and then change screen resolution.

3. What is the Restoration Tote Board? The restoration tote board provides a summary of the amount of mine drainage in gallons/year that is being treated, as well as the pollutant loading in pounds/year that are being removed by all of the passive treatment systems that have both flow and water chemistry data for the influent (untreated water flowing into the treatment system) and effluent (treated water flowing out of the treatment system) sampling points of the treatment system. If this data has not been entered then these statistics cannot be calculated and therefore can not be included as part of the tote board. The Tote Board indicates the number of "Projects Included" which do have this data and have been included for these statistics. The actual number of projects within Datashed is actually higher.