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Project Details
  • Askam Borehole (aka Dundee Wetlands)
    Passive Treatment System
    Nanticoke Creek
    Wilkes-Barre West
    Nanticoke Creek

    The Dundee Wetland was built in 1999(?) to treat about 500 gpm out of the Askam Borehole which functioned without a hitch until the borehole collapsed in 12/2008. In 2010, two new boreholes were drilled by US OSM across Dundee Road. The Dundee Wetland was abandoned and a new treatment system consisting of a maelstrom oxidizer and a settling pond was constructed in 6/2013.

Treatment Technologies
Treatment Technology Quantity of Elements
Aerobic Wetland 2
Malestrom Oxidizer 1
Settling Pond 1