Sample Points

Sample Point Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description Edit Delete
32R4 No No 2004-2019

Small stream about 100 yards downstream from inflow to system WF2.

WF2-1 Yes No

Small dam on stream draining FerrisWheel surface mine, forming the inflow to treatment system WF2. Upstream from point 32R4.

WF2-2N No No

One of two influcent sources to VFP2

WF2-2S No No

One of two influent sources to VFP2

WF2-3 No No

Effluent of VFP2

WF2-4 No No

Effluent of settling pond?; Influent to Wetland

WF2-5 No Yes

Outflow of final wetland of treatment system WF2, located on the margin of a large seepage area of vegetation kill.