Sample Points

Sample Point Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description Edit Delete
27BH No No

Discharge from 27-inch Boreholes

AW1 No No

Aerobic Wetlands #1 Effluent

AW2 No Yes

Aerobic Wetlands #2 Effluent (System Efflluent)

First Pond No No

Data in this area is in the middle of the pond taken by a multi-probe that measures conductivity, DO, PH, Temp. It takes data 24/7 currently every 1 hour. The depth is about 1 meter. The data will be an average of several (3) days with the date as the last of the dates measured.

Pond 9 No No

Effluent of Pond 9

RD Yes No

Raw Discharge into Treatment System

SB No No

Sediment Basin Effluent; Effluent from the 1st pond of the Tanoma treatment system


Tanoma System Internal Monitoring point. PT 1: Level Box Pipe Effluent