Sample Points

Sample Point Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description Edit Delete
851-1 No No
851-2 No No
851-3 No No
851-5 No No
MS-29 Yes No

Kent No 53 (32803037) - Discharge that flowed into Kent-2A bog area prior to the land reclamation project. This is now a source of water into the constructed wetland. Same as BioMost point WL Influent.

MS-30 No No

Kent No 53 (32803037) - Effluent from pond at end of Kent-2A bog area. Sample point no longer exists since the pond has been removed.

RD0-D1 No No

Reeds Run at source of diffuse AMD discharge within stream. Discharge has been abated with the removal of coal refuse from the area to the west of the stream. Same as BioMost, Inc sample point 851-4.

SW32 No No

Upstream of Reeds Run project at township road

SW33 No No

Downstream below Reeds Run Project


Effluent of constructed wetland built during the land reclamation project.