Sample Points

Sample Point Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description Edit Delete
Jones Dnstream No No

North Fork Bradys Run; ~100 feet downstream of the Jones mine Wetland effluent

Jones Mine Discharge Yes No

Discharge emanating from an underground mine located on the hillside next to SR-51. Samples are taken at the source approximately 30' in elevation above the treatment wetland just as the discharge flows out of the ground.

Jones Upstream No No

North Fork Bradys Run; Located ~100 feet upstream of the Jones Mine Wetland effluent

Wetland Effluent No Yes

Effluent of the Jones Mine PTS wetland taken prior to entering culvert the conveys the flow under SR-51 into Bradys Run.

Wetland Influent No No

Sample taken at bottom of hill as the discharge is entering passive treatment system.