Sample Points

Sample Point Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description Edit Delete
22-48.2 Yes No

Abandoned Mine Discharge; Influent to Hunter's Drift Mine passive system; The discharge is split between 4 vertical flow ponds VFP-5, VFP-6, VFP-7, and VFP-8

22-48.25 No No

Effluent of VFP-5

22-48.26 No No

Effluent of VFP-6

22-48.27 No No

Effluent of VFP-7

22-48.28 No No

Effluent of VFP-8

22-48.29 No Yes

Effluent of Wetland 3 and Final Effluent of Hunters Drift Passive Treatment System

VFP 5-8 common eff No No

Combined efflunets of VFPS 5-8 before entering wetland