Sample Points

Sample Point Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description Edit Delete
PC4-1 Yes No

Untreated mine discharge; sampled at H-Flume on the Channel Directing Flow into SAPS; AKA 180-A

PC4-2 No No

SAPS; Sampled at the outlet pipe into the Aerobic Pond

PC4-3 No Yes

Final Effluent; Aerobic Pond; Sampled at either the pipe or H-Flume at the Outlet to the Aerobic Pond; AKA 180-C

PC4-4 No No

H-Flume at the End of the Outlet Channel prior to entering South Fork Little Scrubgrass Creek

PC4-5 No No

Upstream on the Receiving Stream

PC4-6 No No

Downstream on the Receiving Stream

PC4-7 No No

Unsure of what this sampling point is? PA DEP SIS database describes as Flume on the Rocklined Channel into First Pond. Are there 2 sources of water into the VFP or is this just an old sampling point?