Sample Points

Sample Point Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description Edit Delete
H1 (A-1) Yes No

Mine discharge from the Hinemyer Deep Mine; Appears to be the same sample point as PBS Coals SMP#56703124 Heinemeyer Deep Mine discharge A-1 (LRMD-40)

H2 No Yes

Wetland Outlet on the "western" side of the settling pond; water flows into a pre-existing wetland

H3 No Yes

Effluent of Settling pond sampled across the road from the treatment system at the header outlet pipe; Water flows into an existing wetland.

Pipe Yes No

Alkaline water piped to the inlet of the Hinemeyer system to provide alkalinity source. Water is piped to the system from another treatment system which might be the PBS coal system located on Flight 93 Memorial property.