Sample Points

Sample Point Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description Edit Delete
87-1 No No

Fox Run sampled upstream of AMD (87-2).

87-10 No No

Tributary of Fox Run that enters ~700' upstream from the confluence with Yellow Creek.

87-11 No No

Fox Run ~300' prior to the confluence with Yellow Creek.

87-13 No No

Fox Run approximately 200 feet downstream of 87-2.

87-3 No No
87-4 No No

AMD located just north of the Fox Run Restoration Area - Phase I.

87-5 No No
87-6 No No

Fox Run ~1/4 mile downstream of 87-2 (Fox Run Restoration Area Phase II) and upstream of Phase I.

87-8 No No
87-9 No No

Fox Run ~2/3 mile downstream of 87-7 (Fox Run Restoration Area - Phase I).


Fox Run directly downstream of Phase I passive treatment system.


Fox Run; directly upstream of the Phase I passive treatment system and about 1/4 mile downstream of Phase II. Includes sampling point 87-6 data.

VB No No

Fox Run taken at Vernam Bridge.