Sample Points

Sample Point Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description Edit Delete
BR1 Outflow No Yes

Final Effluent of the larger Bear Rock Run passive system System #1; AKA SL-4

BR1A1 Yes No

Influent to larger Bear Rock Run Passive System #1; AKA SL-1

BR1B1 No No

Effluent of the first oxidation pond A-1 (1st pond) of system 1

BR1C1 No No

Effluent of the 2nd oxidation pond ( 2nd pond) (Pond B1 on schematic); AKA SL-2

BR1D1 No No

Effluent of System #1 Anaerobic wetland cell C-1 pond (3rd pond); AKA SL-3

BR2 Outflow No Yes

Final effluent of smaller Bear Run Run #2 passive system; AKA SL-6

BR2A1 Yes No

Abandoned Mine Discharge; Influent to the smaller Bear Rock Run #2 passive system; AKA SL-5

BR2B1 No No

effluent of system 2 pond A-1?