Harsco Minerals

Harsco Metals & Minerals in a large international corporation that provides logistics and environmental services for industry. By working onsite under long term service contracts at 160 customer locations across 30 countries, we have developed an understanding of each industry we operate in.

Harsco began life last century by offering steelmakers a metal recovery service for slag, and expanded into other business areas to meet the growing need for recycling in the metals industry, and beyond. Today, our activities span across multiple industrial sectors, providing beneficiation to a wide range of waste materials.

Our resource recovery solutions help minimize the environmental impact of production and derive economic value to the producer. We process by-products and waste materials to recover valuable metals and mineral elements.

In Pennsylvania, one of the products created is called Mineral CSA (aka RecMix) that can be used for reclaiming mine sites.

Organization Website: http://www.harsco-m.com
Organization Email:
Seven Fields, Pennsylvania

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