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Project Details
  • Klondike KL-1
    Passive Treatment System
    Little Laurel Run

    A passive system was installed originally in 2007 consisting of a inflow pond, Vertical Flow Pond, Outflow (Settling) pond, and a wetland. The inflow iron concentration was very high, and Fe accumulated in the VFP. In 2009, 2 oxidation Ponds were added for low pH iron removal. This was moderately successful in reducing the Fe, but it was still a problem. In 2010, a slag bed was installed near the outflow pond. This worked for a year or so, but the alkalinity then dropped off. In 2014 the system was extensively renovated - old compost removed, some limestone added and 2 ft of new compost mixed with limestone added. The performance improved greatly but iron still accumulated and caused overflow at high flow. In 2018 the iron was removed with a suction pump. We'll see how that goes.

Water Quality Data Summary
Sample PointFlow - Field!!(gal/min)pH - Field!!(S.U.)pH - Lab!!(S.U.)ORP - Field!!(mvolts)DO - Field!!(mg/L)Temp - Field!!(C)Cond - Lab!!(umhos/cm)Alkalinity - Field!!(mg/L)Alkalinity - Lab!!(mg/L)Acidity - Lab!!(mg/L)T. Fe  - Lab!!(mg/L)D. Fe - Lab!!(mg/L)T. Mn  - Lab!!(mg/L)D. Mn  - Lab!!(mg/L)T. Al - Lab!!(mg/L)D. Al - Lab!!(mg/L)SO4 - Lab!!(mg/L)TSS - Lab!!(mg/L)
32R2 (KL1-1)
Treatment Technologies