Sample Points

Sample Point Inflow Outflow Years Monitored Description Edit Delete
458 Yes No

Acid Mine Discharge; Influent to the Laurel Run #1 Passive Treatment System; Prior to passive system construction, the discharge emanated from annderground mine opening and was a major pollution source to the headwaters of Laurel Run; PTS online 9/19/01. Post-construction monitoring at influent pipe to Vertical Flow Ponds; AKA 50-7 and RAW.

459 No No

Vertical Flow Pond VFRA; AKA VFP-W; Laurel Run #1 Passive Treatment System

460 No No

Vertical Flow Pond VFRB; AKA VFP-E; LAUREL RUN #1

461 No Yes

Final Effluent from LAUREL RUN #1 treatment system and effluent of wetland; AKA WL